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Photographic records of Decameron show | Carlos Alberto Theater | Finalist students of ESAP’s Theater course.

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Photographic records of the show Decameron, presented at Teatro Carlos Alberto and starring finalist students of the ESAP Theater course.
The finalist students of the ESAP Theatre course, directed by actor and director Fernando Moreira, presented Ten Tales/Dieci Racconti, an adaptation of the Decameron, at Teatro Carlos Alberto, on July 27th, at 7 pm. The show can still be seen on July 28, at 9 pm.
Decameron`s pictures: Elisa Vieira
Direction: Fernando Moreira
Assistant director: Carla Gomes
Set and Costume Design: Miguel Ângelo Ferraz
Sound design: Inês Neves
Operation of lights: Hélder Sousa
Special Thanks: Roberto Merino
Cast: Annie Pereira, Carla Gomes, Carolina Villasboas, Duarte Mota, Guilherme Amorim, Iara Rocha, Sara Mota