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Alumni Melanie Pereira awarded at DocLisboa


The ESAP Community congratulates filmmaker Melanie Pereira (CAV 2018 finalist) for the extraordinary success of her first feature film As Melusinas à Margem do Rio at its world premiere at the Doclisboa festival, in which reflection continues on the themes of emigration and belonging which she had already addressed in Aos Meus Pais (2018) and Memória Descritiva (2020), wishing her all the best for this film and future projects.

“As Melusinas à Margem do Rio” explores questions of identity and nationality through Mélanie Pereira’s dialogue with four other daughters of emigrants born in Luxembourg, all of them wondering where they really belong. It received the prize for Best Film in the Portuguese Competition, the Escola Prize for Best Film in the Portuguese Competition (both awarded by the official jury formed by Aida Tavares, Gareth Evans and Ignacio Agüero), and the Fernando Lopes Prize for Best First Portuguese Film (jury formed by Paula Guedes, Duarte Lopes and Jorge Cramez).” [Jorge Mourinha, Público, 29.10.2023]