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4000-358 Porto

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Residency | Carla Campos

Carla-AL BERTO Um Abismo Dentro de Um Nome Series, 2019, Silver Gelatin


Carla Campos (1985, Porto). She studied Visual Arts – Photography at the School of Arts of Porto and completed a master’s degree in Visual Arts- Artistic Practices and Research at the same institution in 2021. In 2017, she collaborated on the research project “Graffiti and Urban Landscape in the city of Porto,” which resulted in an exhibition at the Trindade Metro station, Porto. She participated in the collective exhibition “After All Tomorrow is Another Day” at Mira Porto space (2019)and in 2020, she contributed to the publication “Vita Nova” within the context of Fórum do Futuro in Porto. In 2022, she collaborated with musician Rui Pedro Claro on the album “Manhã Clara” by Rui Pedro Claro e o Irmão mais Velho. She prioritizes the photographic image in her artistic practice.