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House of Sun


HOUSE OF SUN is the name of the house of the Brazilian writer Hilda Hilst (1930-2004). Often described as the Marquis of Sade of Brazil, Hilst’s astonishing work addresses subjects as mysticism, insanity, embodiment, eroticism, and feminist sexual liberation. Hilst is one of the most important Portuguese-speaking authors of the 20th century, however her work is virtually unknown in our community. While alive, her house was an important gathering place for writers, artists, and intellectuals.  Today, the HOUSE OF SUN keeps her archive and hosts a residency programme, allowing artists and writers to experience its earthly magic. HOUSE OF SUN was shot in Hilst’s house and gardens during the Summer of 2019 and uses one of her tales as text. This experimental video explores sexuality and colonialism through the poetic and political activism of Hilst’s writings.