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06.10.2023 | 17H | OPPENING | NÁHIR CAPÊLO

cartaz + redes Náhir- imagem exp dínamo


Náhir Capêlo completed a BA in Photography – Visual Arts at ESAP (2015-2018) and a MA in Visual Arts – Intermedia, FBAUP. She participated a performance cycle by Hamish Fulton, organised by Mezzanine (2017). She showed her work in group shows “Do Not Touch Fresh Paint” (2018), curated by Juan Luis Toboso, Espaço Mira; “Playlist #25” (2018), curatorial project of Nuno Ramalho in Café Candelabro; “Da utilidade e desvantagem da história para a vida” (2019)/(Ci.Clo, Porto Photography Biennale). Náhir Capêlo also participated in the curatorial project ON ABSTRACTION [or the excessive concern about an object] curated by Eduarda Neves.