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The Words we want to say

Palavras que queremos dizer
June, 19th 2023 | 2PM

ESAP Theater 1st year students present a performative exercise in the ESAP building

First-year Theater students at ESAP, directed by director Luísa Pinto, present the collective creation “Words we want to say!” within the scope of the course Play and Dramatic Expression I. This is a performative journey through the ESAP building, through words chosen by the students, in a dialetic relationship with the space.

It will take place on the 19th of June, at 2 pm, in various locations in the building.

Cast/students: Bruna Pires, Carolina Ferreira, João Gomes, Leonor Leite, Lucas Guedes, Marta Polt, Rafael Araújo, Sara Dias, Vitória Lemos

Directed by: Luísa Pinto