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Seminar on Ritual Theater for actors, with Robson Haderchpek

Robson Haderchpek
22 de novembro 2023 | 9h30 às 14h30 | Estúdio de Teatro

Brazilian actor and director Robson Haderchpek leads a Ritual Theater seminar for actors at ESAP. This technique is based on Brazilian Indian rituals and seeks to develop a theatrical form based on the actors’ bodies.

Robson Haderchpek is an actor, director, professor and researcher at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil. He has worked primarily in the areas of interpretation, improvisation, staging and Body Expression, such as Brazilian Dances (Coco de Roda, Ciranda, Forró and Capoeira), neutral mask (Lecoq) and body training for dancers and actors (pre-expressive).