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Luís Lima | Respigação, composição e expressão de alguns conceitos deleuzianos

4 de Novembro — 11H

The researcher and lecturer Luís Lima will be with us discussing some of the most important concepts of Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy.

Luís Lima holds a PhD in Philosophy – Aesthetics, awarded by FCSH/ New University of Lisbon. He received a scolarship by the Gulbenkian Foundation for his doctoral studies and was awarded a grant by FCT for his Master in Communication, Contemporary Culture and New Technologies (New Uni. of Lisbon). He has collaborated for several magazines and periodicals (Volta ao Mundo, Revista National GeographicArte IbéricaArte Capital, etc.). Since 2018, Lima is a member of the organizing board of Fórum do Real and the Selecting Panel of the cinema festival Porto/Post/Doc. He is Associate Professor at the Autónoma University, Lisbon, and Lecturer in Escola Superior de Design, IPCA,  the where he teaches Theories of the Image, Creative Writing and Cyberculture. He works as a translator in the fields of essay writing, art and literature. Among others, he has translated works by    Deleuze, Rancière, Didi-Huberman, Stiegler, Mondzain, Klossowski. Lima is a Fellow Researcher of LabCom (Communication and Art) collaborating with CEAA (Art and Critical Studies Research Group). He is also a member of research unit NIP.COM, at UAL.