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Open Class | Image Beyond Objectivity

Imagem Suzana
6 December, 2023 | 2:30pm | ESAP

The Image Beyond Objectivity

Suzana Dias

ESAP _ 6 December 2023 . 2:30 pm

No image is devoid of an emotional message, even those that strive for supposed neutrality. In this open class, we will explore the vast universe of images constructed with highly precise communication. The approach will be dynamic and pedagogical, analysing and deconstructing the visual elements that intensify meanings in the areas of advertising, cinematographic and artistic communication, and even in seemingly ordinary everyday images.

Suzana Dias is currently a lecturer at IPCA – Escola Superior de Design, in the Adjunct Professor category. She has a degree in Graphic Design and has expanded her training into multimedia with a master’s degree in Sound and Image. In 2015 she completed her PhD in Art and Design with a thesis entitled: “Design as a Process, a reflection on the playful, participatory and relational dimension of contemporary design”.

She is co-author and designer of the Design Theory manual “Desígnio”, Porto Editora. She began teaching in 1994, at secondary school, where she taught various Visual Arts subjects until 2002. He currently has around 20 years’ teaching experience in higher education, starting at the Porto School of Art in 2001 and remaining at the IPCA School of Design from 2006 to the present day.ditora. Deu início à atividade letiva em 1994, no Ensino Secundário, onde lecionou até 2002 diversas cadeiras da área de Artes Visuais. Possui atualmente cerca de 20 anos de experiência letiva no Ensino Superior, iniciando na escola Superior Artística do Porto em 2001 e permanecendo na Escola Superior de Design do IPCA, desde 2006 até à atualidade.