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ESAP students take part in Electronic E-opera

21 and 22 June, 2024 | Porto Planetarium

ESAP Theatre students Bruno Sousa and Amanda Duda are taking part in Absonus Lab’s electronic opera Negentropy, which will be presented at the Porto Planetarium on June 21 and 22.

NEGENTROPY: The Last Man in the Wasteland is a post-techno operatic experience set in a post-apocalyptic universe full of mystery and despair. Directed by Hugo Paquete, this work combines electronic music, noise and technological interaction in five acts, offering a provocative vision of the human condition in the face of imminent collapse. At the core of this experimentation are re-created compositions by Jani Christou, performed by baritone Rui Baeta, and featuring instrumentalists Pedro Carvalho, Ianina Khmelik and Cláudio de Pina, and performers Bruno Sousa, Amanda Duda, Alex Alvão, Delrik Borba, Flora Gouveia, Rita Rocha, Rodrigo Guimarães and Rúben Moreira.

This unique experience is presented in the dome of Porto’s planetarium as a site-specific scenario, with 3D visual content.