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Scolpire la Memoria


The entrance of the main space of DÍNAMO Gallery in Porto, reminds us that we are approaching an emotional space. Fairy Tales, Religion, Sexuality, Death, Childhood and Adulthood; concepts and references about the last solo show, the first one in Portugal, by Italian visual artist Francesco Bartoli.

Scolpire la memoria refers to a kind of renascence, to the endless and intense circle of life. The show is built around the video Infinito finished in 2020 and is connected, poetically and metaphorically, to a particular place; the artist’s studio near Rome. In the show are also presented a selection of drawings from the series Sospiri I Mutazioni I Figure and a series of new sculptures called Scolpire la memoria that Bartoli finished in the gallery during the preparation of the show. Small sculptures made of uncooked clay, objects and clothes that have been collected only few days ago from the old house of the artist’s grandfather. The idea of this piece is about molding the past with clay, leaving wet sculptures get dry in the gallery; as if time finally could turn into a piece of art even certain feelings.