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Release of the book “The 100 Best Cinema Shots: 100 authors, 100 shots”, coordinated by Nelson Araújo

100 shots from 100 different films are the motto of the most recent work coordinated by Nelson Araújo, “The 100 Best Shots in Cinema: 100 authors, 100 shots”. Some texts are signed by professors at ESAP, including André Gil Mata, Andreia Saraiva Santos, José Miguel Moreira, Ivo Reis, Pedro Crispim and Tiago Vieira da Silva. The work will be presented in Porto on November 25th (Livraria Térmita), in Lisbon on December 2nd (Cinemateca/Livraria Linha de Sombra) and in Coimbra on December 8th (Livraria Almedina). Published in November 2023, the book is made up of several unique forays into cinema, during which the authors explore their intimacy with the language of cinema through the “shot” – highlighting the multiple stories, concerns, and proposals that a shot may carry.