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The project KinoBox/KinoGame goes to schools


On October 20th, the KinoBox/KinoGame project went to schools to talk about cinema and the Carnation Revolution.

“Now we can say everything!”, was heard in the auditoriums of Escola Irmão Passos and Escola de Custóias, with classes from 5th to 8th year. Using an excerpt from the film “Capitães de Abril” (2000) by Maria de Medeiros, the students immersed themselves in the heat of the revolution of carnations and cinematic language, recreating the moment in which the characters exult with the arrival of freedom. As we approach the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Carnation Revolution, it is important to keep the memory of the revolution alive among young people, without neglecting the role that the arts – in this case, cinema – can play in this process.