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Opening of the Double Exhibition at Casa da Imagem

March 16th — 6PM

Venue: Casa da Imagem
Opening: 16.03.2023 – 18H

This exhibition is the result of O Douro dos Fotógrafos project, as part of the 20 years of classification of Douro as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, financed by Apoio aos Agentes Culturais 2022 (DRCN) and with the support of FCT through CEAA (UIDB/04041 /2020).

It started with a process of historical investigation, by comparing the photography of Domingos Alvão, Mário Novais, Artur Pastor and Teófilo Rego in order to reveal an innovative perspective of themes and languages shared between the authors.

The discovery in Teófilo Rego’s photographic archive of 564 negatives ordered by Sandeman, brought the possibility of revealing and disseminating unpublished images of Douro, both in black and white and in color. These assumed a greater role in the investigation and allowed, along with the artistic residency held by a group of students from the Degree in Visual Arts-Photography at ESAP, a real approach to the archive as a hypothesis for the creation of contemporary artistic proposals.

This exhibition, which has an itinerant character, because it wants to get closer to the territory of Douro Vinhateiro, presents the results of the team’s research and the works of the students involved.

Team: Alexandra Trevisan, Inês Azevedo, Joana Mateus and Rui Lourosa

Artistic Works: Elisa Vieira Flávio Silva, Mafalda Fernandes, Renata Caldas and Valéria Martins